About The Patrons’ Room

Welcome to The Patrons’ Room, a cultural haven nestled in the heart of Baltimore's vibrant Mount Vernon National Registry Historic District. Founded and directed by the visionary Darrin Keith Bastfield, The Patrons’ Room is a testament to the power of art, culture, and community.

Our Vision:
At The Patrons’ Room, we believe that art is a transformative force capable of inspiring, connecting, and enriching lives. Our vision is to create a dynamic space where art lovers, patrons, and creatives converge to celebrate and support the arts. We aspire to foster a thriving ecosystem where artists find their voices, patrons discover exceptional talent, and the community flourishes through cultural experiences.

Our Founder - Darrin Keith Bastfield:
Darrin Keith Bastfield, a luminary in the realm of arts and culture, serves as the driving force behind The Patrons’ Room. With a profound passion for the arts and a dedication to community enrichment, Darrin envisioned a space where art could be nurtured, appreciated, and celebrated.

As the Founder and Director of Become A Patron, a nonprofit organization advocating arts patronage, Darrin has long championed the cause of supporting artists and creating accessible cultural experiences. His leadership and commitment to the arts have shaped The Patrons’ Room into a hub for creativity, artistic expression, and cultural engagement.

Our Commitment:
At The Patrons’ Room, we are committed to:

Supporting Artists: We provide artists with a platform to showcase their work, connect with patrons, and thrive in their creative endeavors.
Enriching the Community: We curate cultural events, exhibitions, and experiences that contribute to the cultural fabric of Mount Vernon and Baltimore.
Empowering Patrons: We invite patrons to become an integral part of the artistic journey by offering unique sponsorship opportunities and exclusive benefits.

Advocating for ArtsSave: We actively support Become A Patron's ArtsSave initiative, dedicated to fostering access to arts and culture for youth in underserved communities.
Join Us:
We invite you to be a part of The Patrons’ Room community—whether you're an artist seeking inspiration, a patron looking to support the arts, or an enthusiast eager to explore the vibrant cultural scene of Mount Vernon. Together, we can create a world where art thrives, artists flourish, and the spirit of patronage ignites the imagination.

Discover the magic of The Patrons’ Room, where art comes to life, culture blossoms, and community thrives. Welcome to a world where creativity knows no bounds.