About The Patrons’ Room Membership

At The Patrons’ Room, our members are a diverse community of art enthusiasts, philanthropists, and cultural advocates who share a common passion for fostering creativity and making a meaningful impact in our vibrant arts scene. Just like our events offer a wide range of experiences, from keynote conversations, workshops, and social experiences to networking opportunities and more, our membership is designed to cater to your diverse interests and commitment.

Our Mission

Our mission at The Patrons’ Room is to unite visionaries, artists, and supporters to elevate the arts in Mount Vernon and beyond. We believe that art has the potential to shape conversations, bridge communities, and spark innovation. As members, you are integral to this mission, bringing your ambition and passion to the forefront as you engage with local artists, curators, and fellow patrons.

Membership Tiers at The Patrons’ Room

Become a member of The Patrons’ Room and unlock a world of exclusive benefits while supporting the local arts community. We offer a range of membership tiers to suit your interests and budget, each designed to provide you with unique experiences and privileges.

1. Art Enthusiast Membership - $50/year

Access to members-only events: Be the first to explore new exhibitions and enjoy private viewings.
Member-only content: Dive into our members-only section for behind-the-scenes insights and artist interviews.
Annual report: Receive an annual report highlighting the impact of your support on the local arts scene.

2. Collector Membership - $150/year

All benefits of the Art Enthusiast Membership.
Priority purchasing: Secure limited edition Napkin art prints and participate in auctions before the general public.
Discounts and perks: Enjoy special discounts on event tickets, art purchases, and merchandise at The Patrons’ Room.
3. Patron Membership - $300/year

All benefits of the Collector Membership.
Recognition: Your name will be featured in our physical recognition wall at our venue, showcasing your commitment to the arts.
Customized experiences: Elevate your art appreciation with personalized guided tours and art consultations.
4. Benefactor Membership - $500/year

All benefits of the Patron Membership.
Networking opportunities: Join exclusive member mixers and connect with artists, collectors, and fellow art enthusiasts.
Priority event seating: Enjoy the best seats at our events and exhibitions.
5. Philanthropist Membership - $1,000/year

All benefits of the Benefactor Membership.
VIP access: Receive invitations to exclusive VIP events and dinners with artists and curators.
Curator-led tours: Experience our exhibitions from a curator's perspective with private tours.

6. Art Ambassador Membership - $2,000/year
* All benefits of the Philanthropist Membership.
* Art concierge service: Gain access to personalized art recommendations, acquisitions, and consultation services.
* Complimentary event tickets: Attend our events and exhibitions with complimentary tickets for you and a guest.

Join us in supporting local artists, fostering creativity, and enriching our cultural community. Become a member of The Patrons’ Room today, and together, let's make art flourish in Mount Vernon.

Membership Benefits

When you join The Patrons’ Room, you become part of a dynamic network dedicated to nurturing creativity and cultural enrichment. Explore our range of membership tiers, each offering exclusive benefits tailored to your interests and commitment level. Whether you're an art enthusiast, collector, or philanthropist, there's a membership tier that aligns with your vision for supporting the arts.

We invite you to join us in our mission, connecting with like-minded individuals and artists who are shaping the cultural landscape of Mount Vernon. Together, we'll continue to inspire, disrupt, and create an impact through the arts. Welcome to The Patrons’ Room.