Donate to The Patrons’ Room

Thank you for considering a donation to The Patrons’ Room. Your support plays a pivotal role in fostering the arts, nurturing talent, and enriching the cultural landscape of Baltimore's Mount Vernon district.

Why Donate:

Empower Creativity: Your donation empowers artists by providing them with resources, opportunities, and a platform to showcase their work.

Enrich the Community: Contributions to The Patrons’ Room help us curate cultural events, exhibitions, and experiences that benefit the local community.

Support ArtsSave: Your generosity directly supports ArtsSave, our initiative aimed at fostering access to arts and culture for youth in underserved communities.

Ways to Donate:

One-Time Donation: Make a one-time contribution to The Patrons’ Room and make an immediate impact on the local arts scene.
Monthly Giving: Join our community of monthly donors committed to sustaining art and culture in Mount Vernon. Your recurring gift provides ongoing support for artists and cultural programs.
Sponsor A Napkin: Explore our unique Sponsor A Napkin program, where you can sponsor limited edition napkin art prints while supporting local artists.

Recognition and Benefits:

All donors will receive our heartfelt gratitude and recognition on The Patrons’ Room website.
Monthly donors will enjoy exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes content, and invitations to special events.
Sponsors of napkin art prints will have their names featured next to sponsored napkin art in prominent Mount Vernon locations.

$50: Provides art supplies for a local artist's workshop.
$100: Supports the creation of a limited edition napkin art print.
$250: Funds a small-scale community art event.
$500: Contributes to the execution of a larger art exhibition.
$1,000: Sustains ongoing cultural programming in Mount Vernon.

Your contribution, no matter the amount, helps create a vibrant and culturally rich Mount Vernon. Thank you for being a patron of the arts and a supporter of The Patrons’ Room.

Please note that The Patrons’ Room is a program of Become A Patron, a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to arts education and enrichment. Your donation may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.